With the development of the RHCW Cardio-Cognitive Clinic multiple educational materials and resources, typically found in Cognitive – Memory clinics were introduced in the Cardiology Clinic space.

The ‘Wellness Wall” in the Cardiology Waiting Room at the Rush Main Campus Clinic, has a diverse set of printed educational materials and resources from the NIH/ NIA and these resources can also be accessed electronically here:

Education Resources from the National Institute on Aging website

ADEAR site

Within the Cardiology Suite and near the patient examination rooms, an additional wall of “Resources and Best Practices for Treatment, Care and Support” was designed. These materials address issues related to Cognitive and Dementia care at the local and regional level and advocacy.

The materials and content on this wall can be accessed here:

The Illinois Cognitive Resources Network’s goal is to optimize the cognitive and functional well-being of those with dementia. The network is a compilation of materials that help caregivers navigate through care issues for loved ones with dementia. Referenced and utilized by Dr. Aggarwal when seeing patients at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center – Memory Clinic, these Alzheimer’s Disease-specific materials can be helpful to provide care and assurance that you are doing all you can to provide care and support.

Check out the following links:



The Direct Connect program allows for you to connect with Alzheimer Association professionals to talk to you and family and navigate care resources for loved one’s with dementia. All you need to do is have your provider fill out the form, send it in and the rest will be taken to the Alzheimer’s Association: