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Genetics” is the study of how traits are inherited. A trait is defined as a variation in the physical appearance of a heritable characteristic. It seeks to understand how traits are passed from generation to generation.

Genes are small sections of the long chain of DNA. They are the basic physical and functional units of heredity. In humans, genes vary in size from a few hundred DNA bases to more than two million bases. The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes.

Genetics in Medicine

Social and behavioral research in genomic sequencing: approaches from the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research Consortium Outcomes and Measures Working Group

Genome Medicine

Design, methods, and participant characteristics of the Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study, a prospective cohort study of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing customers

Clinical Trials

Disclosing Genetic Risk for Coronary Heart Disease: Effects on Perceived Personal Control and Genetic Counseling Satisfaction